Walkways & Steps


Concrete is a popular option for walkways and steps due to its versatility. It can be stained with a unique color or given texture to mimic higher end materials such as natural stone, tile, and many other mediums. A walkway or steps can be personalized to your preference and taste. Whether you are looking at installing a brand new concrete walkway or steps and designing the look you want from scratch, or if you are looking at transforming your already installed walkway or steps from one plain color to different colors and looks, we are primed to assist. There are many design options available for your walkways, such as a straight or curved design, different color options, or decorative borders. Davenport Concrete Pros’ contractors are trained and have many years of experience in the industry to give you the best advice and finish. 

Why should you choose concrete for your walkway?
When it comes to installing a concrete walkway in your home, there are going to be several options regarding materials. Each one of them carries their own benefits and there are many reasons why concrete is the favored medium when looking for walkways and steps. One factor is affordability, with a concrete walkway being much cheaper than some of the alternatives, it makes financial sense to choose for your walkway or steps. Another benefit is durability, as when you install a walkway you expect it to last for many years and concrete can last for a long time, if not forever. Lastly, the biggest draw to concrete is that it can fill any sized requirement, making it one of the most affordable, versatile materials to use.
Combining walkways with steps 
Most decorative sidewalk projects will need steps to transition from one elevation to another, especially when you are looking at entryways. To achieve this look with a greater impact, combining decorative concrete walkways with stamped concrete steps that incorporate coordinating colors is a great way to achieve this. Both stairs and walkways share many of the same requirements for safety, as well as the same methods for using color, so combining the two is done with ease.
Step height 
When you are planning the look you want for your staircase, you do not need to sacrifice functionality for design, as the most important dimensions are the tread depth and rise height. As long as they are within proportions that accommodate the average length of a person’s stride, the functionality of your steps will be just fine. Check with us at Davenport Concrete Pros so we can ensure you get the flair you are looking for while remaining functional, as some of the local building codes dictate the minimum and maximum riser heights and may restrict you in choice, however, we can assist in finding a solution that both meets building codes and your desired outcome.
Endless design choices There are many options available when it comes to the design of your concrete. Options such as straight or curved walkways, color options, stamped or decorative textures, decorative border, or even exposed aggregate are just a few amongst the long list of design options available. Walkways and steps are functional and practical, but they do not have to be just that. With the broad range of designs available to choose from, you can make this one of the focal points of your home by allowing your style to flow from the front of your house to the back.