Concrete patios are connected to your home and as such, should blend in with the design and style of the interior of your home. Concrete patios are gaining in popularity, due to the wide variety and versatility of the options available on the market today. Davenport Concrete Pros can transform your home and combine the aesthetic flow from your outdoor living space with your indoor living area. We offer a variety of shades of colors that you can choose from, as well as stamps and engravings that we can offer to have the effect of flagstone, brick, or even a bespoke color or design. 

Benefits of choosing a concrete patio   There are many benefits to choosing a concrete patio; one being the durability of concrete as a medium. This is one of the biggest attractions to using concrete in homes is that it resists weathering action, chemicals, and abrasion. Due to the generally high foot traffic that a patio sees, durability is one of the biggest must-haves. Second, being the low maintenance needed as opposed to alternative methods, concrete boasts a long lifespan that requires little maintenance. Resurfacing is required every few months with no need for expensive and continuous need for maintenance. Lastly, concrete can be adapted into any style and look you may desire, with the array of options available in terms of color, stamps, or stencils.
Flexibility – look, design, and feel
When it comes to flexibility, you will struggle to find a medium better than concrete, when compared to other products available in the market today. Concrete can adapt to various weather conditions, withstand weathering and scratches for high traffic areas, as well as to adapt to the look of many different mediums, and be poured into any shape; all to fit into your own unique style. Whether you are looking at designing your patio to look like a beautiful wooden deck nestled into your garden with our stamped concrete or looking for a more classic design, such as a standard poured concrete look, Davenport Concrete Pros will help you get the look and feel you desire!

Longevity – a longer-lasting product
When you are looking at designing your home, maintenance and longevity is something you will want to look for. A product that requires constant maintenance only to be replaced a few years after installing it is expensive and a lot of hard work. Concrete for patios has a general lifespan of 30 years if the minimal maintenance required is observed. In general, your concrete surface will need to be cleaned and re-sealed every two to five years to get the maximum lifespan from your patio.

Hiring a professional 
As with many things, concrete is something that should be left to the professionals who are in the industry, with years of experience and knowledge. Making the wrong decision in the look you are going for or installing wrong and not leaving it to properly cure can lead to some expensive repairs down the line. Davenport Concrete Pros’ contractors are licensed and insured and with years of experience, we can advise you on the correct information and curing times to make sure of a perfect installation that will not cost you down the line!