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Hardscapes are the hard landscaping materials that can be incorporated into any larger landscapes, this can often include large paved areas, such as driveways, walkways, sleeper walls, retaining walls, stairs, or various other larger landscapes made from hard-wearing materials, such as concrete. Hard landscaping includes a project that’s whole purpose is to cover the entirety of a yard or larger area and is needed to be done before soft landscaping, such as plants, shrubs, and trees are added. Hardscape combined with softscape can make your otherwise plain yard something unique and beautiful for you to escape to and spend your afternoon days in the beautiful Davenport summer.
What type of features can you create with concrete?
Concrete is an extremely versatile material to use in not only building but with design elements both inside and outside of your home. The question should actually be, “What can you not do with concrete?” With poured concrete, you can build almost any type of custom elements to develop it into your own unique look and style of your home. The possibilities are endless and creating any type of decorative or practical structure in landscapes from your driveways, walkways, benches, and decorative water features. Give Davenport Concrete Pros a call to transform the design of your home with concrete today!
Hardscape in Landscaping 
A hardscape includes non-living fundamentals of landscaping and is one of the two major categories of landscape, with the other being soft scape. The elements created can also define the use of space, such as leading a walkway through softscape. Hardscape that is used in gardens and in combination with soft scape can increase the aesthetic appeal of your property as well as increase the value of your home.
Longevity and low maintenance 
If you have already decided to transform your outdoor living space, you will want to ensure you choose the right material to do this with. You will need something that can create a unique look as well as stand the test of time. Concrete has one of the longest lifespans compared to other materials available out there. Most homeowners will go for something with little, to no maintenance as they want to relax in their newly revamped outdoor space and not have to worry about constant maintenance and repairs that may need to be done to keep the space looking the way it did the day they had it was completed. Concrete has one of the lowest maintenance needs, making it an easy decision for those who want to enjoy a new look, with little maintenance.
Choosing the right material for your hardscaping project 
Concrete is usually the most affordable material that is available for your hardscaping needs. A natural concrete slab is the most basic and least costly option of all the concrete options available and can be incorporated into almost any design. However, concrete can replicate the look of most other materials, where the variety of colors available, as well as stamps and textures that can be added to your concrete, makes it one of the most versatile and value for money materials that can be used.