Driveways are an important part of your home; it is often the first thing you see when you approach any home, so how it looks is important. Concrete has been a favored material for driveways for years, for many reasons. Not only is the maintenance required almost non-existent, but the durability is also high, the cost is low, and the versatility is endless. Concrete often outlasts the majority of the other options available in the market today. Give Davenport Concrete Pros a call if you are looking at incorporating concrete into your home.

Decorative and Stamped Concrete driveways
Concrete is often associated with the plain grey color its original appearance usually comes in; however, this is no longer the case thanks to advances in concrete laying techniques and technologies. Davenport Concrete Pros have many options available to make your otherwise plain concrete into something bespoke and unique, such as our stamped or decorative options as well as our broad range of colors. You can choose any color for your driveway that will allow it to aesthetically be incorporated into your home’s overall design. Alternatively, if you are looking for a completely different look, stamped concrete is a great option and will allow you to mimic materials such as brick, flagstone, slates, tiles, or bespoke designs often at a fraction of the cost of original materials.
Installation processes and why you should choose a professional
DIY is something everyone is trying, saving costs is important and so learning to do simple tasks yourself has become the norm. Although this may work with many things a driveway should not be one of them. A concrete driveway is hard work and requires professionals with industry knowledge, as it begins to dry very quickly and if not done properly and quickly it could cause some mistakes that end up costing a lot more for repairs or even needing to re-do the driveway at a later stage. The process of installation requires the removal of grass and other vegetation and ensuring the foundation is stable to ensure no cracking occurs at a later stage. Forms are then done to map out the perimeter of the driveway and the concrete is then poured. From there, effects such as color or stamps can be done to deliver a bespoke look and feel.
Maintenance and Durability 
Concrete driveways are virtually maintenance-free, however, to ensure that the lifespan is pushed to the absolute limits, it is best to conduct some form of maintenance every few months, such as keeping the driveway clean with a stiff brush and being sealed. A sealer should be applied once a year to truly ensure it lasts the forty to fifty years it is meant to last and minimize cracking. Apart from the maintenance of a concrete driveway, the durability makes it flexible for almost all environments and conditions.

Choosing the right driveway for your home 
As we know the driveway is a focal point of your home’s exterior and plays a big role in your home’s overall look and feel. If you are on the lookout for a new driveway or just looking at improving your current driveway, several options are available when you choose to go with concrete. We offer plain and colored driveways that gives an otherwise plain driveway a different look, as well as allowing you to choose from our variety of different shades. Stencil and concrete driveways are another popular option for someone wanting a look of flagstone, brick, slate, or tile but looking to save costs.